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How to install

1. Install TamperMonkey on you browser

2. Install script DFILE DEFENDER

  • Click on the TamperMonkey icon
  • In the window that appears, click on the «Dashboard»
  • Then go to the «Utilities tab»
  • In the field «Install from URL» paste the link: copied
  • Press «Install»

3. Connect Metamask

  • Open any page you want. After this Metamask window should appear
  • Enter the password, give permissions
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Referral system

Lifetime earnings from each invited user!

An innovative referral system will make it easy for everyone to earn. You just need to recommend our extension. On all DEX platforms, your referral link will be substituted for the user you invited. This means that every time your referral makes an exchange, you will receive 0.05% of the amount for which the exchange was made.

Invite more users and earn more.

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What is dfile defender

Must have for everyone who uses dapps

Dfile.Defender is browser extension for safe browsing DAPPS. It use hashes of content and protect users for negative updates from hackers or developers.

Every user, who install Defender, will notified about changes of any site. For example, you browsing Uniswap and their team create update, extension will notify user about update.

Secondary example — you get’s link from official channel and save it, when you open this link you can be sure that the open application will not be modified, because Defender will check hash in link and real file hash.

Third example — you open new site, and get info about counts of users who approved this version of site. If you have mistake on URL typing and get phishing, you will know that this site not using Defender or know about counts of proofs for this site. You also will see date of creation first proof and version lists.

Four example — you don’t like last update from any dapp team, and you may select last used version to browse.

How private
blockchain works

Blockchain basics

Every time, when users open new tabs or pages, our extension run compare algorithm, if site updated or not registered on user history, extension send requests to check hash with external service.

External service trying to mine new block of private blockchain with next algo: sha256(app sha256 + page sha256 + user address + block) if result less than current difficulty, new block will mined. Aaverage block time ~ 1min.

Reputation and reward

Every new block top 100 users by rep will get part of 2 dUSDC proportional theirs reputation size. Also, user who won challenge will get 0.01 reputation point.

Reputation grow up when you approve new sites, and degrease when you open randomly sites without other proofs (more than 1 day after first opening) from community.